New Theme and Done Moving

1 minute read

Alright, knocking on wood, but I do believe I am finished migrating my old blog and have managed to get my new theme up and running.

While exporting from WordPress was no problem, there was some funky data tags that they included and that did not play well with Jekyll. Of the weirdest and most bothersome residuals were meta-data tags that carried over and resulted in weird text popping up where it shouldn’t, along with any pictures that had a caption not properly migrating said caption. As a result, I had to remove all previous captions on my pictures, an unfortunate result given that I think attribution of source is incredibly important. Maybe if I find the time I will gradually fix those, but that is a much more burdensome project for later.

As for my theme, I chose Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose, a really cool guy who knows how to make a really good theme. Not only do his themes look good, Rose is really great at providing documentation and help through his GitHub. I definitely banged my head against the wall for a few hours configuring this entire website using this new theme, but the end result was definitely worth it.

I’m extremely happy with the results of my blog migration. I am in complete control of my content, from the words I write, the underlying code of the blog, and even the server running it all. This was definitely a learning experience and was worth all the work and stress. Talk soon – ejmg