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i've decided to remake my blog, yet again, after four intermittent years of writing. a part of this has to do with the forking paths i find myself slowly approaching: with the end of university, things like job hunting, future living arrangements, and figuring out what i want to do with myself, professional and otherwise, sit constantly at the front of my mind. naturally, remaking my blog using a new stack of technologies1 is a natural coping mechanism to all of this.

jokes aside, the other major motivation for restarting this endeavor is that i've found myself wanting to write again, particularly on things technical. the past two years have been hectic but in recent months I've found myself with more free time and more things i want to write about, especially as i play with tools and concepts i've been wanting to learn outside of university.

consequentially, here sits this site, born again in cyberspace. i've stripped away the past, abandoning years of my old writing2 - it isn't much relevant anymore and I don't care for carrying its weight any longer - and, with a clean slate to write on, hope to start anew. i might pull an item or two from the old version of, those pieces lost between this form and my first blog, but i view this new medium with a clear focus looking forward. for those reading, i hope you find it worth your time.


i ported/forked a theme from Hugo so i could use it on zola and now depend on cloudfront and s3 for my hosting. i also got tired of jekyll's build times and learned (the hard way) that raspberry pi's struggle with intermittent power outages.


besides, they sit safely on an old wordpress.