four, going on five§

when i first started pwl kc 4'ish months ago, i didn't know long it would survive as a group. at our first real meeting, we decided as a group that pwl kc would be in a sort of "test drive" mode and that nothing would be made official until ~3 or so meetings were successfully organized and with modest attendance (~6 minimum). as of that meeting, we have successfully held four presentations, and, on the 21st of this month, we'll be holding our fifth.

consequently, i formally opened the PR requesting chapter status and pwl obliged. pwl kc is now set up as an official chapter 🎉.

Hedon and myself are the formal organizers (still looking for one more!), our meetings have thus far always held a healthy number of attendees (6 or more), and each meeting has been delivered by a new presenter; i would consider pwl kc very successful if we can manage to hold those numbers for more than a year - anything else would be frosting on the cake.

aside a few TODO's left to check off (setting up a page, maybe a small gh hosted webpage, and filling out the README on the official repo), there's not much left with respect to setting up this "official" organization. the lax nature of pwl is actually a very appreciable facet of it - the participants tend to be individuals who may or may not be in a transient phase in their lives as software engineers - so keeping the organization uniform, but very minimal, seems to be a strong model for such an org. all you need to really do is have a love for learning cs/ce/swe and a respect for your fellow scholars.

on that note, i invite anyone who reads this to our next meeting on tuesday, the 21st of january. we'll be hearing a presentation by Natty, who did a semester's reading project on GAN's with respect to music generation.