i think email is still underrated. you can contact me at either address as of now:

if chat is more your thing, you can reach me on telegram with @eliasjmgarcia.

where you can find me in cyberspace

you can typically find me as ejmg or eliasjmgarcia. some that may be of immediate interest:

despite the numerous friends and connections i made on twitter, i gave up my active twitter presence around a year ago or so.

where you may have met me in physical space

  • strange loop conf @ 2017, 2018
  • icfp @ 2018
  • rust conf @ 2018
  • rust belt rust conf @ 2018, 2019
  • a coffee shop in midtown kc, mo


for whatever odd or precarious reason, if you feel neither email nor telegram are secure enough:

  • message me on keybase
  • use my gpg key(here or here)
  • we can coordinate to talk over signal