Economics Travelogue #1

1 minute read

With everything I will be doing this summer, I think a travelogue will be a fun way of reflecting on what I learn and see.

Picture I took at Atlanta International while I was writing this post!

I am currently at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on layover, waiting for a plane to take me to South Carolina to participate in the Foundation For Economic Education's seminar 'Communicating Capitalism.' I got a travel scholarship in addition to the seminar itself, which FEE always provides gratis. If you have the tiniest interest in free market economics, and some free time next summer, I highly suggest you apply. I have already participated in two seminars prior to this year and the experience was both memorable and extremely educational.

My current reading list is three fold right now: Douglass North's Structures and Change in Economic History, Overfishing: What Everybody Needs to Know by Ray Hilborn, and this:

A Student's Guide to Economics by Paul Heyne

A Student's Guide to Economics may seem like a very lay introduction to the field of economics, but I have already gone through the first two sections and have discovered Paul Heyne is a fantastic teacher. Heyne's coverage provides a great overview on the basics of neoclassical thought, something I think everybody in economics probably needs to go over every once in a while.

My plane is about to board, so I will sign off for now.