got quite a bit done:

  • math301 hw
  • math300 notes
  • wrote more anki cards for data structures, algos


  • did some organizing for a potential papers we love chapter here in kansas city.
    • i got a group of ~8 people right now who say they are interested, we've all converged on a good set of dates/time for when this could work. plan on getting the word out to my department/uni ACM in some way or another, also might try getting it to the AskADev group I meet with every other weekend.
    • i really would enjoy having something like PWL in KC. i think this captures the type of community/professional development i want more of wrt KCMO.


lifted for the first time again today:

  • squats: 5x5 45lb (bar)
  • overhead press: 5x4, 1x3 (failed set) 45lb (bar)
  • deadlift: 1x5 95lb

it's going to be a long fall/winter for lifting.