T/TH are turning out to be the days I'll have difficulty getting anything done on outside of classes. with class at 10am, that leaves me with not much time to get anything done in the morning, and i'm not out and done by 2:30ish. it's hard not to be brain dead after that, so maybe I should consider integrating my workout for these days for after classes, such as to give my brain and body some oxygen and good'ol physical strain to wake up and focus.


aside from classes:

  • figured out travel plans for RBR
  • contacted professors about my absences re: RBR, Strange Loop
  • got some math300 notes done


picked up baudrillard again, his collected writings from Utopie are proving to be a real hidden gem. getting another copy after losing the first book was worth it.

his analysis of political activism, intellectualism remains disturbing in its prophetic nature. surely the protests of may 1968 invoked his analysis with deserving accuracy, but it is hard to wrap my brain around the fact he is not talking about today.


i was way too sore lol. i'll probably be just sore enough tomorrow (if not more, second day tends to be worse), meaning i'm going two days w/o exercise, not happy about that. maybe i'll try taking some extra long walks to make up for it.