i think i'm in a small funk. not sure what to do other than double down on working out, tbh. it's the one thing i've done less of recently and it correlates pretty heavily with how i feel about myself, and general mood. school and other commitments increasing in intensity doesn't help either, but also all the more reason to work out judiciously.


Tues/Thurs block of classes remains a monolith of time to work around. need to get better at that.

aside from classes:

  • started working on another zola theme for giggles, possibly for a side writing project i might pickup for fun
  • got ipython/jupyter books working with rust thanks to google's kickass rust kernel
    • heavily consider writing up a small PR to explain how to get it working for those of us who don't regularly use IPython, Jupyter notebooks..


slow day, to be honest.


squeezed in some lifting before classes, thinking i might switch it to after classes to help get the brain going as i've mentioned before:

  • squats: 5x5 @ 50lb
  • benchpress: 5x5 @ 45lb
  • barbell rows: 5x5 @ 65lb

minor concern i need to work on my form with barbell rows and overhead press (last session), but I honest to god think it might have to do with general weakness with my core/back muscles. last time i lifted consistently, i recall these things getting better with time. i also did my best to make my benchpress take time despite being relatively easy at 45lb. long, slow repetitions in order to better workout those support muscles so i'm less shaky, "jerky" motion.