got mired once again by more administrative things, but this was a mistake of my own design. i forgot to book housing for strange loop and proceeded to lose 2-3 hours in the search for, and (thankfully) booking of a cheap airbnb that is somewhat close to Peabody. at this point, i am either going to be forced to commute everyday to SL and pay for daily parking (i really don't want to do this) or bring my bike so i can learn what cycling through downtown St. Louis feels like. i really think i'm going with the latter unless weather squares up to be horrible, not workable.

other than that, i also:

  • worked on ferrisp
  • organized and planned out more stuff in my agenda, org files
  • planned out stuff for the proto-PapersWeLove group i'm organizing for KC.
    • i'm really excited about this and am cautiously optimistic. i really want to believe KC can sustain the long run attendance/involvement for such a group.


i met up with some really old friends and ate some wings with them fairly late into the evening. i don't think the people comprising my social circle were ever intended to survive this long, but for those of us still here, we are still trying.

i also read some baudrillard before bed.


i lifted as per schedule:

  • squats: 5x5 @ 55lb
  • over head press: 5x5 @ 45lb
  • dead lift: 1x5 @ 105lb

i think i need to work on my dead lift form, it no longer feels natural as it did when i was last lifting consistently. primarily, i need to work on how i execute it when i go back down after each lift.