i am falling behind on some things. i think i need to redouble my efforts on anki cards, both my writing of them and reviewing. while this is largely for job prep, i think they would be very useful for cs461 and cs420 due to the extensive amount of vocab, of sorts, in those classes.

i am running behind on where i would like to be with some class notes. this is only going to get harder in the next two weeks because of conferences, so i really need to buckle down hard here.


  • math301 notes
    • i got through most of ch1 and ch2, but want to get through a good chunk of ch3 still.
  • math300 notes
    • i still want to get ahead of class


read more baudrillard, looked into how i can get an rss feed going with a workflow/application i would like.


i ran a 3.48mi run @ 8:04min/mi.