busy day.

  • classes
  • notes for:
    • math301
    • math300
    • cs461
  • researched more papers we love stuff
    • potential papers to read
    • potential ways to organize/communicate publicly
    • structure of the group assuming it doesn't die tragically
  • actual PWL meeting where we discussed these things.


i finally gave in and bought Pocket, used it for saving some papers i want to read later. not much else here.



  • squats: 5x5 60lb
  • bench: 5x5 50lb
  • barbell row: 5x5 70lb

i am also trying to commit to riding my bike to uni instead of using my car. there is a stupid amount of traffic around the parking garage such that if you get there at peak leaving/before class, you can literally get stuck entering/leaving the garage for about ~15 minutes in of itself. it's moronic and i basically snapped, there's no reason to ride my bike; who cares if i'm sweaty, less carbon and it's a good workout at ~4mi total, back and forth. it worked out today, aside from minor leg exhaustion (having lifted before going to school) and aforementioned sweat.