It's winter break but I felt productive by the end of the day, i think.


I worked on learning more rocket and finished the tutorial on the website + taking some general notes on the framework.

I cleaned up my org mode files a good amount, as well.

I also looked around at the things I can try studying for job prep between now and ????.


Finally, I took Pius on another long walk and tried to enjoy the relatively nice winter weather. We took a break to play fetch during the walk and Pius had a blast.


I re-started my intermittent fasting routine. Fasting over the summer was one of those things I discovered to work very well for me. I never feel bloated or """fat""" as a result, which is really nice (hard to describe otherwise how I feel comfortable, not distracted by the act of my literal existence). By dinner, I was starving... but I prevailed nonetheless.