past few days have all been absorbed the holidays; i spent all day on xmas eve making albondigas for my family's dinner/celebration - it was a hit, and none was left by the end. the dinner itself was great - a packed house at my abuela's plus the friends i invited over made for a great time despite the absence of other family members. xmas day was similar spent with family/friends, though this time with gabby's family out in kansas. overall very relaxed and happy times these past few days.


i've been working on the Rocket app stuff a lot over the past few days, holiday's aside. honestly, this has involved a lot of reading on my end to understand things like CSRF, CORS, HTTP, etc in a web-development context better, but especially in the context of a systems programming language like Rust.

i already have the skeleton for a hand-rolled anti-CSRF system programmed out in my app + the concurrency/multi-threaded stuff that will be required for opting to make it myself as opposed to shoving it into a dbs of sorts.

also trying to get a coffee related job at bway given how much time i already spend there + needing some extra cash this semester.


a good amount of reading and some hanging out with friends.


haven't gotten back into the groove yet, but christmas eve aside, i have been doing pretty well with fasting again. first meal is at 12:00 with no eating till my second meal at around 18:00-19:00, and then repeat.