it's been a busy two weeks.

two weeks ago, my abuelo told me he was planning on going to mexico (as he regularly does) and asked if i could tag along. the joke here is that i've been telling him for months that i had the time to go, but in classic fashion, he notifies of his desire for departure a whole week before leaving.

logically, i still tagged along and all that. on the fourth, we departed from KC in the morning and arrived in abilene texas around 8. the next morning, we departed and arrived in my hometown in ~central Chihuahua around 8 yet again.

i drove most of the way, with the exception being Ojinaga -> hometown.


lots of work. that's what this trip is all about, and are always about for my abuelo. lots of skills learned and information about the local economy and culture generally; it has been some time since i've visited, due to drug violence, so it continues to be a very informative and fulfilling experience.


simultaneously, while my mid-afternoons are taken up by family work, the reality is that this week (and the next) also is very much a vacation. i don't have ready access to fast internet down here, the t.v. we have gives only 2 channels for viewing, and the general nature of this town yields one's self into a life that is much more leisurely than what i would ever have north of the rio. i've really enjoyed it and i can feel the stress completely evaporate from my body. it's been a great time hanging out with family down here and just relaxing, especially given all of the annoying and bad news lately.