i've done it about three times now, but here's my attempt at restarting a log of sort. part of my conflict is the desire to have one central source of truth but also a place for public auditing, whatever that may mean. in late 2020, at least, this now includes my coworkers and anyone possibly interested in my work. another aspect of this is struggling under the spectacle and crisis of covid19 in the usa. the situation is far from ideal.


note: work really means work now. i have a job. thanks to sam and meredith, truly.

past few days i have been working my way through the PDF-1.7 standard references. this is synonymous/the same thing as ISO 32000-1, which is why adobe's 1.7 reference is the last reference document they've released.

this research/note taking is largely focused on chapter seven (syntax), and my focus has been on subsections §7.1-3, 5, 7, and 9.

i hope to have most of this done today and finished by tomorrow. i might be tempted to transcribe some kind of personal note dump on PDF or, at minimum, exporting the hand notes i've taken.

an aside - i am internally conflicted over taking notes via org-mode, which is faster, vs by hand, which i tend to remember much more of but is much more time intensive. i digress.

finally, the goal after this is to work on my ggg pdf parser proper. what this still means is a bit shaky, but i hope that getting a proper comms channel going internally as well with my peers at BAE will help clear up the picture. this might be the time for outlining a technical doc and writing up lists of things i know i need to do based on the pdf.c parser and pypdf.


with covid19, this winter will be particularly dark. i am looking into revisiting pincers in a serious manner to keep me occupied, along with facilitating some kind of reading group on baudrillard, maybe. also, i'm making x files a thing again. i watched through it several times early in college -- well, the good seasons, at least -- and find it as one of the few television shows i genuinely enjoy. it's a good way to burn an hour or two in the evening.


aside from running or doing things like pushup indoors, i don't have many options right now. it's really depressing.