having some difficulty waking up in the mornings which is par course as we move closer to winter proper. being inside all the time really doesn't make things better, honestly

work (including yesterday)§


sigh - i am still working through the standard. feels like i've lost some momentum these past two days which may just be a function of time for any person working through any non-trivial standard. or... i'm being unnecessarily slow.

as of today, i'm nearly done with file structures which will leave me document structure (§7.7) and data structures (§7.9). at that point, i believe i'll have a good starting point to work around PDF's base syntactic structures. from there, i can start to work with letitia's prototype bnf and see what i can make of out of it into a ggg based grammar.

at some point i will need to deal with PDF-2.0/ISO-32000-2, which might make sc joining the pdf association a good idea, if only for a year, to get a hold of ISO documents for both PDF-2.0 but also for PDF/A if that becomes any sort of interest for the duration of our SafeDocs work.

internal comms§

hoping to get a matrix server and client going for sc soon so that we can have a more coordinated means of communication for both SafeDocs work but also bridge and other projects.


nothing special today but more x files with gabby, some work on this website, and maybe some reading.


this morning we took pius on an extended walk around midtown and gabby bought some hand weights along with a pull-up/push-up bar that i did some reps with. i'm weighing the idea of a 24/7 gym membership that i can use at the crack of dawn (i've seen it at 5am, no one is there...) while wearing my respirator vs buying a half squat rack for the apartment.