slow monday



finished off the file structure part of §7, moved on to document structure. only have that and data structures left afaiac for having at least a base to work with when plotting out this parser. that said, getting a hold of ISO-32000-2:2017 does seem important at this point because i can already see areas where the syntactic and semantic differentials will, goes without saying, be rather significant.


i also spent a good amount of time after finishing 7.5 looking into and playing around with hex editors because i want to be able to explore PDF files more effectively. Finding byte differences quickly for object references, etc, is more or less critical for basic sanity checks. hexyl didn't feel good enough for this use case, but Bless seems surprisingly robust and a good fit for what i need.


more x files and that was about it, honestly


gave the dog a nice long walk in the morning with gabby, did some minor lifting exercise with the weights gabby bought.