an uneventful but productive day. foggy with a mix of sleet and rain through the afternoon.



i managed to finally finish up the sections most pertinent to working on ggg and dux, i.e. §7.1-3, §7.5, §7.7, and §7.9. i doubt these will be the only parts of the standard i'll be spending serious time on, but they are definitely the most relevant ones to start with. i want to find a way to exercise this knowledge more, so maybe a small blogpost or something would suffice - i hate reading huge sections of a technical resource/document and not doing something more with it aside from context knowledge for work.

bit fiddling§

along with finishing up the stuff i wanted to read/review out of the standard, i did more fiddling with actual pdf files and their construction. Bless continues to be a great tool and seems to fit my use cases for navigating and figuring out byte offsets in a timely manner. pdftk is another tool i started to experiment and that is fairly well known for this sort of work, but much of my tinkering had me desiring better documentation of the functionality and its logic; i.e., i will probably need to look at its source to figure out how it decides to conform to the standard with things like EOL markers.


i had the sudden and overpowering urge to re-experience the mass effect trilogy of games. i don't know why i'm the way i am, but i am much more inclined to replay games i enjoyed rather than try knew ones. anyway, i have something new to look forward to over the winter.


more small upper body exercises and not much at that. really failing here and it's upsetting.