unfortunately very long week. gabby and i have been exploring housing options in KC along with possible work office spaces and have concluded everything sucks. i might just get my own loft so we, in effect, have our own office spaces, but for now we are trying out a very-very large book shelf as a office partition to help add some privacy, noise absorption, and work-life separation for both of us.

covid19 and a failed national response really have made the situation way more difficult and frustrating than it would otherwise be since a coffee shop or a public desk at some workspace would suffice for what we need and would be cheaper by an order of magnitude.


week was mostly defined by outlining work on dux, cross checking ggg, and the things i need to do between both of them to flesh out a sane and functional parser for PDF-1.7


recently discovered bioshock 1 and 2 were remastered in HD and got them on sale. played through bioshock 1 along with most of mass effect 1 this week along with watching more football to pass the time.


nothing but walks with pius. if i get my own space, maybe i could finally get a weight rack but who knows. im mostly coping and making excuses for not figuring out an exercise schedule, though.