it's been a tough month. being cooped up inside 24/7 is really starting to get to me. so it goes.


apparently i will be submitting a paper to langsec's conference as a part of IEEE's security and privacy symposium. it has to do with PDF's, no surprise - really, the fact i am coauthoring something right out of college, let alone something covering formal methods is the surprise itself. i have no clue what i'm doing, dear reader.

i've also got my company up on matrix now, and work on dux, my ggg based PDF parser will begin proper this month.


gabby and i continue to work through the x files. we're at season 4 now. i've also made a thing out of playing through the megaman x series along with a few other video games here and there.

if you call it "not working", i'm also starting to work through baudrillard's bibliography for fun.


i really, really, really, really miss weight lifting. i really miss it. a lot.