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"Study: Partisans treat politics like sports, valuing a team over issues"

Turns out most core voters go out to show Democrats/Republicans a lesson rather than actually caring about the issue they vote on.

Pay gap between the sexes closing for the top 1%

Netflix is adjusting its user fees based on the piracy rate in a region

This follows the trend of streaming services reducing piracy rates by providing goods at prices consumers are willing to pay for (duh). In other words, if piracy was not a feasible practice, most 'pirates' would not purchase the music/movies they pirate now if given no other option.

Paper shows how people still do not understand how statistics work

The Royal Society published a paper a year ago on how students and teachers alike continue to mis-interpret the meaning of P-Value tests and values. Furthermore, they advise people to avoid the word 'significance' in order to prevent future false discoveries.

Men fake 80 hour work weeks in corporate America

A study published in Organization Science shows how males at a global consultancy firm must lie in order to spend quality time with their families, while females have an easier time at getting time off and/or leniency to spend time with family members. While the study is not comprehensive, it speaks volumes for the work culture that exists in high level corporate America.

Voting Machines in Virginian elections had 'abcd' and 'admin' as passwords

Google's driver-less cars have been in only 11 accidents over the previous 6 years