update(?) – summer of rust #0

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long time sin escribir

it’s been a while since i’ve written on here because life is a thing, unfortunately. that said, i’ve moved on to greater things with school and studies, and this summer i’ll be working again at cerner corp.

in my spare time, however, i’ve decided to put my time largely into learning both systems programming and rust, two concepts logically intertwined. my academic experience so far has neglected me a meaningful systems programming experience, and i’ve decided to take things into my own hands after some research and feedback from friends.

summer of rust

i’ve already been playing around with rust, along with haskell, for sometime; but, as most programmers would probably vouch, you don’t really learn a language from shallow forays into it. i’ve gone around and found a few projects, ideas and have made myself a “schedule” of them to do over this summer.

this schedule, as of now, consists of writing/creating:

  • a gnu-coreutil
  • a shell
  • a very basic static site generator
  • some type of interpreter
  • git
  • tcip/ip stack
  • roguelike
  • operating system

in rust. the list is extremely ambitious and wide in nature, something i’m very conscious of. i don’t think i’ll make it halfway through it, but i looked around for enough things to do such that i won’t get bored and i’ll have plenty of stuff to play around with through the summer. most implementations are sure to be naive rather than robust and in depth, another decision i’m making upfront but open to exceptions.

that all said, this is my “summer of rust.” i’m hoping to learn a lot through it all, and i plan on reporting back here with my experiences using rust as a systems programming language.

– ejmg